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  • Spence says on Tuesday 5 June 2007:
    O4enj Klasnaja seite utebja!!! Mine o4enj panrawilasj! Fotki prosta klas!
  • Chris Perkins says on Monday 30 April 2007:
    Lovely set of photos, especially the portraits, of different subjects, not just one boring theme.
    Chris Perkins
  • Tom says on Tuesday 24 April 2007:
    Hello Alexander,
    I was back to take a look at your nice website!
    Please come see my new photos sometime?
    Best regards from Tom. ;-)
  • Site says on Friday 30 March 2007:
    Реально красивые фотографии!
    нашел ссылку с
    как говорится, еще больше снимков!!!
  • Richard says on Friday 9 March 2007:
    Hi there Alexander - great pictures!
    Iam very often in Moscow and St. Pete and work with a lot of models there too!
    You are very welcome to check my website for Bodypainting as well as my studio at - Looking forward to hear from you soon!

    Regards Richard
  • Lokiole says on Tuesday 27 February 2007:
    Very good site! Nice work!
  • Raphael says on Monday 25 December 2006:
    a wonderful website with great pictures.
  • pixelatestudio says on Monday 13 November 2006:
    Very nice website...
    I like the portrait of that chicken..
    Cause i know they are queit difficult to photograph
    Weldone...and goodluck
    Cheers, Hans
  • Karl Heinz Lucassen says on Saturday 21 October 2006:
    hallo alex,
    eine sehr schon gestaltete seite die du hier zeigst, ebenso deine fotos die mir sehr gut gefallen.
    weiter so....
    lg karl heinz
  • andrinio says on Tuesday 17 October 2006:
    panravilos super! :)